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B2B Luxury & MICE Workshop
The B2B Luxury & MICE Workshop is an annual travel industry event organized in Baku (Azerbaijan), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Tbilisi (Georgia) in February. Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are oil rich markets with high GDP growth and rapidly expanding high-end and FIT outbound travel markets. Georgia is a small country but is an interesting emerging market of outbound FIT travelers.. To get more information, please contact us or complete the registration form.

The organization was excellent. The information and contacts received are very useful. The participation in B2B is an advantage to the promotion of our hotel in the Azerbaijan market - Villa Magna - Spain

Meet and Match-Making

The B2B workshop offers pre-scheduled appointments based on a tailor-made ‘Meet and Match-Making’ process based on the preference of local travel industry to the international products and destinations represented. As a result, the meetings are of high quality and often lead to long term partnerships.

Leading Agencies

In each city, workshop participants meet a minimum of 22 companies as well as participation in networking cocktail reception. Due to TMI’s 11 years of experience of working in these markets supported by the additional expertise of our local partners, only the most important and leading local agencies are invited to take part.

Book the date

We can also assist you with travel arrangement (visa support, hotels and transfers) as well as the flights between the Baku and Almaty workshops.

To register, you can visit the International participants section of website or contact us for more information.


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